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    Scooby Doo Aventure - 225394
    Sonic - 145272
    Zuma Deluxe - 143769
    Scooby Doo Pirate - 107385
    Cake Mania - 72444
    Unreal Flash - 65634
    Janes Hotel - 63897
    Magic Horse - 61068
    Barbie 3d - 55250
    Counter Punch - 52837

    Adventure Games

    • crimson-room

      Crimson Room

      Can you escape the mysterious Crimson Room? An awesome flash game, hailed as possibly one of the best of all time.
    • bananabarrage

      Banana Barrage

      Help Donkey Kong calculate the angle and the power needed to throw bananas into the barrel before the time runs out on
    • heatbusters

      The Day The Office Melted

    • attack-of-infectrons

      Atack Of Infectrons

      Fly your ship around the planet shooting down strange aliens.
    • pig-on-the-rocket

      Pig On The Rocket

      Help Mr. Oinker in collecting as much fruit items as possible by escaping from big bird and score highest points.

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    Fun Games

    • counterpunch

      Counter Punch

      In this game you need to knockout all the other players.,
    • battlepong


      This is a classic pong game with a fight it out against opponents
    • thetestthatkill

      The Test That Kill

      Clash with monsters using your giant
    • borderblast

      Border Blast

      Help this illegal immigrant get over the fence to join his fellow immigrants so he can have a chance at a new life in a new
    • turkey-target

      Turkey Target

      It's Christmas and the turkeys have hatched a daring plan to escape the dinner table though a certain fox has other

    Action Games

    • samurai-jack

      Samurai Jack

      You have to play the role of a brave Samurai called Samurai Jack and defeat the enemy and win the battle against evil,
    • ben10-power-splash

      Ben 10 Power Splash

      Play Ben 10 Power Splash Game and help Ben,Grandpa Max and Gwen escape from the nasty aliens intent on getting their grubby
    • ben10-critical-impact

      Ben 10 Critical Impact

      Blast meteors and phase through obstacles to protect the Earth from an onslaught of deadly
    • ben10-the-resque

      Ben 10 The Resque

      Use the alien powers of Ben 10 to rescue Gwen from the bounty hunter
    • nimian-hunter


      Ride your wild horse and capture the flying creatures for dead spirits to bring back original life to the

    Logic Games

    • typing-test

      Typing Test

      Try our online typing test. It's great fun and wonderful practice for both your typing and English!
    • plumber


      Rotate the pipes by clicking on
    • magnetism


      Try to get the ball into the magnetic cup. There are different level settings. Read the instructions in the game to
    • ultrablock

      Ultra Block

      Get all the colored blocks next to each other to get rid of them. Don't let the blocks get to the
    • peasantsquest

      Peasants Quest

      Defeat the burninator, Trogdor, and become a hero! Another quality game from Videlectrix. You can type things in like a

    Shooter Games

    • extreme-farm-simulator

      Extreme Farm Simulator

      Protect your cows and farms from invading
    • gunnybunny2

      Gunny Bunny 2

      A crisp first person 3-D shoot’em up game. Quake style action with tons of guns, targets and
    • unrealflash

      Unreal Flash

      You are in enemy territory and they're coming at you from all sides - it's unreal! defend yourself against the enemy forces
    • galactic-warrior

      Galactic Warrior

      A classic arcade game remake. Shoot down space aliens and fight for a high
    • bottle-shooter

      Bottle Shooter

      Try to shoot every bottle that past the western village!

    Sport Games

    • bmx-extreme

      Bmx Extreme

      Ride your bike and do some stunts and tricks to earn
    • park-a-lot

      Park A Lot

      Pick up people's cars. Get in, drive off, and park them in a stall. Then pick them up again
    • rodeo-game

      Rodeo Game

      Rodeo - Stay on the bull as long as possible (is not as easy as it looks) Click the mans hat to start, move your body so
    • sumo


      Move in with your sumo wrestler shove the other guy out of the
    • 4x4rally

      4X4 Rally

      This is a challenging rally game of 4x4s vehicles. Get into your 4x4 truck and race with other opponents with significantly

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