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    Scooby Doo Aventure - 225621
    Sonic - 145390
    Zuma Deluxe - 143941
    Scooby Doo Pirate - 107472
    Cake Mania - 72480
    Unreal Flash - 65839
    Janes Hotel - 63946
    Magic Horse - 61096
    Barbie 3d - 55297
    Counter Punch - 52922

    Adventure Games

    • zuma

      Zuma Deluxe

      This best-selling action puzzler will thrill and delight game fans of all ages. Two gameplay modes with more than 20 temples
    • age-of-castles-demo

      Age Of Castles Demo

      In a far-away realm, a great evil has swept across the land. Goblins, Orcs and dreaded dragons from the underworld have
    • battle-ships

      Battle Ships

      Deploy your battleships by clicking on them and pointing at the board then use the arrow keys to turn the ship. After you
    • scooby-doo-pirate

      Scooby Doo Pirate

      Shaggy and Scooby are relaxing on a cruise when they are attacked by ghost
    • aquarium-spreng-fichen

      Aquarium Spreng Fichen

      Drop sticks of dynamite into an aquarium to try and blow up

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    Fun Games

    • bug-on-a-wire

      Bug On a wire

      Jump over the crows and hop from wire to wire.... how long can you
    • curveball


      When playing Curveball Game, use your mouse to control your 3D paddle and send the ball back at your
    • shell-game

      Shell Game

      Win as much money as possible by betting on which coconut has the ball under it. You need good concentration to keep an eye
    • gravity


      Press the red gravity button to change the direction of gravity. Avoid spikes to get to the end of the level. Right player
    • gold-strike

      Gold Strike

      Who knew that working in a gold mine would be such a wacky fun job? First of all, you've got infinite picks to throw. How

    Action Games

    • samurai-jack

      Samurai Jack

      You have to play the role of a brave Samurai called Samurai Jack and defeat the enemy and win the battle against evil,
    • ben10-power-splash

      Ben 10 Power Splash

      Play Ben 10 Power Splash Game and help Ben,Grandpa Max and Gwen escape from the nasty aliens intent on getting their grubby
    • ben10-critical-impact

      Ben 10 Critical Impact

      Blast meteors and phase through obstacles to protect the Earth from an onslaught of deadly
    • ben10-the-resque

      Ben 10 The Resque

      Use the alien powers of Ben 10 to rescue Gwen from the bounty hunter
    • nimian-hunter


      Ride your wild horse and capture the flying creatures for dead spirits to bring back original life to the

    Logic Games

    • flash-ludo

      Flash ludo

      Ludo is derived from the ancient Indian game "Pachisi" which was originally played with cowries and beehive shaped pieces.
    • mahjongg


      The objective of the game Mahjong (also written or known as mah-jongg, mahjongg, mijang, Taipei, Morejongg, Mindjongg,
    • ultrablock

      Ultra Block

      Get all the colored blocks next to each other to get rid of them. Don't let the blocks get to the
    • trapomatic


      Connect pieces to create a crazy contraption and help Tom finally catch
    • 2emit


      Escape the labyrinth using the arrow keys to move. For the first level, you have to beat it before the 90 second timer runs

    Shooter Games

    • onslaught


      Defend your base against relentless enemy troops in this world war 2 style shoot em
    • lunarcommand

      Lunar Command

      Protect your lunar bases from the incoming missles in this space shooter game. Be fast and sharp, you are under heavy
    • doom


      Point and click Doom game. The place are full of zombies. You must survive. Check around the place and be alerted all the
    • gunny-bunny

      Gunny Bunny

      A crisp first person 3-D shoot’em up game. Quake style action with tons of guns, targets and
    • flash-tank

      Flash Tank

      Hit the tank opposite with your gunfire, setting your angle and speed before you fire,skill

    Sport Games

    • mini-putt2

      Mini Putt2

      Everybody loves this sequel of mini-putt game. Get your name on our high score board! A guy just done playing and earned his
    • avid-bowler

      Avid Bowler

      Flash Bowl - try for the
    • batting-champ

      Batting Champ

      Get set up and hit a home run to score many
    • king-ping-pong

      King Ping Pong

      Can you be King of the Ping Pong table? Put your skills to the test against the computer in this classic game of table
    • knugg-rally

      Knugg Rally

      In this game you can take part in an action packed race through the known and unknown universe. There are three circuits

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