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    Scooby Doo Aventure - 227437
    Sonic - 147058
    Zuma Deluxe - 146083
    Scooby Doo Pirate - 108963
    Cake Mania - 72801
    Unreal Flash - 67315
    Janes Hotel - 64272
    Magic Horse - 61429
    Barbie 3d - 55793
    Counter Punch - 54432

    Adventure Games

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    Fun Games

    • cyber-mice-party

      Cyber Mice Party

      lead the mice to the tasty
    • thingthing3

      Thing-Thing 3

      Thing-Thing is back, with more furious action than
    • spider-man


      This is a fun little spiderman time killer game. YOu are a lil spider hanging on by a string, press SPACE to jump. Your goal
    • party-pals

      Party pals

      Help the party pals, a puppy and a kitty grab the gifts spread all
    • park-a-lot

      Park a lot

      Park cars in the numbered spaces. When a customer returns collect the car and drive it to the

    Action Games

    • samurai-jack

      Samurai Jack

      You have to play the role of a brave Samurai called Samurai Jack and defeat the enemy and win the battle against evil,
    • ben10-power-splash

      Ben 10 Power Splash

      Play Ben 10 Power Splash Game and help Ben,Grandpa Max and Gwen escape from the nasty aliens intent on getting their grubby
    • ben10-critical-impact

      Ben 10 Critical Impact

      Blast meteors and phase through obstacles to protect the Earth from an onslaught of deadly
    • ben10-the-resque

      Ben 10 The Resque

      Use the alien powers of Ben 10 to rescue Gwen from the bounty hunter
    • nimian-hunter


      Ride your wild horse and capture the flying creatures for dead spirits to bring back original life to the

    Logic Games

    • harrypotter

      Harry Potter

      Great puzzle
    • yellow-out

      Yellow Out

      Move vehicles out of the way to make a way out for the yellow
    • widdlest


    • ring-bearer

      Ring Bearer

      How much do you know about Lord of the Rings? Play who wants to be the Ringbearer and find out. Over 300 questions. Use your
    • deluxepool

      Deluxe Pool

      The goal of the game is to sink all the coloured balls in the correct order. Using the with ball you have to aim at the

    Shooter Games

    • 3d-shooter

      3D Shooter

      Take your aim to these turning targets and see if you can shoot through the blue. Can you take them all out in time and
    • raindeerrevenge

      Raindeer Revenge

      The other reindeers used to laugh and call him names.Now it is your time to help him to take his revenge and get all those
    • britney-spears

      Britney Spears

      Strip Britney Spears Naked! - Funny
    • alienattack

      Alien Attack

      Aliens are attacking us in waves and your mission is to destroy them and save our planet. Alien Attack Flash Game online
    • unrealflash

      Unreal Flash

      You are in enemy territory and they're coming at you from all sides - it's unreal! defend yourself against the enemy forces

    Sport Games

    • skategame


      The closest thing to skateboarding without actually putting your feet on a board is skate. With innovative controls that
    • king-of-defenders

      King Of Defenders

      Watch as the ball moves on the axis. Line up the ball with the red ball and LEFT CLICK to lacth it into place and score a
    • kore-karts

      Kore Karts

      In this racing game you can play against the computer or even challenge a friend for a race around different tracks. You can
    • over-steer

      Over Steer

      Oversteer is one of those free arcade racing games with a topdown view. Try to be the first to reach the finish line and win
    • micro-machines-tt

      Micro Machines Tt

      This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion

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