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    Scooby Doo Aventure - 226407
    Sonic - 145909
    Zuma Deluxe - 144661
    Scooby Doo Pirate - 107904
    Cake Mania - 72586
    Unreal Flash - 66311
    Janes Hotel - 64056
    Magic Horse - 61212
    Barbie 3d - 55458
    Counter Punch - 53347

    Adventure Games

    • fly-eatin

      Fly Eatin

      Click the mouse button on the frog to make his tongue stick out. Try to catch as many flies with it as possible within the
    • fishmoney

      Fish Money

      Goldminer inspired type of game. Fish for money and buy stuff to advance through the levels.
    • firewall


      This is a game of ski, you need to use the arrow keys and space key. In run: accelerate using your poles by pressing “space”
    • feed


      Guide the venus fly trap safely through the greenhouse avoiding dangerous thorns and poisonous insects
    • egg-way

      Egg Way

      Get the egg into the pan successfully through different exciting stages of this simple but interesting flash game.

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    Fun Games

    • pang-2004

      Pang 2004

      A Classic bubble trouble arcade style game where you have pop the bubbles with your harpoon and travel the map.
    • motorbike

      Motor Bike

    • monkeylander

      Monkey lander

      Pilot your spaceship to collect all the bananas and land
    • maxims-day-out

      Maxim's Day Out

      Maxim, the little puppy is having a day out at the park. Make him jump and catch as many frisbees as possible.
    • kaasu


    Action Games

    • samurai-jack

      Samurai Jack

      You have to play the role of a brave Samurai called Samurai Jack and defeat the enemy and win the battle against evil,
    • ben10-power-splash

      Ben 10 Power Splash

      Play Ben 10 Power Splash Game and help Ben,Grandpa Max and Gwen escape from the nasty aliens intent on getting their grubby
    • ben10-critical-impact

      Ben 10 Critical Impact

      Blast meteors and phase through obstacles to protect the Earth from an onslaught of deadly
    • ben10-the-resque

      Ben 10 The Resque

      Use the alien powers of Ben 10 to rescue Gwen from the bounty hunter
    • nimian-hunter


      Ride your wild horse and capture the flying creatures for dead spirits to bring back original life to the

    Logic Games

    • 3dreversi

      3d Reversi

      Flank the opponent`s pieces with yours to turn them over and own the most pieces to
    • quick-brick

      Quick Brick

      Click on three or more bricks to destroy them play arcade tournament or puzzle
    • blox-u10

      Blox U 10

      Place similar coloured gem blox together to remove them from the board. Remove all gem blox to solve the puzzle and get to
    • ultrablock

      Ultra Block

      Get all the colored blocks next to each other to get rid of them. Don't let the blocks get to the
    • frozen


      To start the game, click anywhere on the applet with your mouse. Then press the "UP" arrow (fire key) to start the game.

    Shooter Games

    Sport Games

    • street-rally

      Street Rally

      Race through city streets in your monster truck! Bonus points and a speed boost given for squashing
    • street-racer

      Street Racer

      Race to victory in the world of street racing. Finish first at each race to participate in more competitive
    • sports-smash

      Sports Smash

      Align three or more balls vertically or horizontally as quickly as achievable. You have to Line up soccer balls, footballs,
    • snowboard


      Go for a bit of online snowboarding with this 3D Flash based fast paced snowboard game. Guide your snowboarder down the
    • slap-shot

      Slap Shot

      Try and beat the keeper with your slapshot in this Ice Hockey

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